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Protect All Your Devices

One stop service to protect your home or business data backup needs. Designed for all your devices.

Cloud BackUp

Data loss happens all the time and it is devastating. We've partnered with iDrive® to back up your computers, servers and smart devices and store it on the cloud securely.


iDrive® offers industry leading RemotePC™ technology against ransomware.The communication and data transfers between your local and remote devices are secured using TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption. Ask about our DataPro Help desk service.

Cloud Security

Transfer and store your files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers. One of our brasstarr systems core values is security and encryption. We are pleased to offer you the iDrive security technology.

Server BackUp

Secure online backups for running databases and servers - For MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, Oracle Server, Office 365 Mailbox, Linux Servers and VMware.

Sub Accounts

A sub-account is just like a regular IDrive account that you can create using your online storage space. Any Business plan user can create sub-accounts for associates or business departments. Using Sub-accounts, you can backup any number of PCs, Macs and smart phones.

Our BackUp Team

Our BackUp Team uses the iDrive Technology

Daniel Hinson / CEO/Server Administrator

Daniel is a Certified iDrive® Reseller. This position is through our parent company CHC. His training with Emsisoft security malware allows an advanced outlook with the DataPro Managed Services. He oversees the combining of iDrive® and Emsisoft® services into one client service.

Penny S Hinson/ CFO/ Server

Penny designed her first program over thirty five years ago. She oversees the server development of each brasstarr systems application. She is also the administrator of financial services at our parent company.

Richard J Angel/ VP/Server Logistics

Richard brings over forty years of logistics experience to our team. He implements the agency geographical footprint for local and regional resellers. His approach to datagistics outlay is critical to our quality control and growth.

iDrive® /Partner Technology HelpDesk

The complete iDrive team is available to our clients by their own accounts or by our DataPro Managed Services.

Ghosttracks Cybergistics

Build Your Own iDrive Data Services...Or Let Our Ghosttracks Management Do It ...It's Up To You!


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