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Our passion is data protection, through our private cloud servers and the services of Shield protection. From VPN servers provided by our partnership with ©Private Tunnel to premium DataPro Exchange servers. 

Shield Anti-Virus
Identity Protection
PC Cleaning
PC Password

Our Own VPN Network .....Ghosttracks!

     When You Travel The Net.. Travel in!!


Attackers enter your PC through unpatched software. As a results they take control of your files. And BAM!!  Your data is held in ransom.


Your PC is turned into a remote controlled zombie. Your data is collectively sold on the black market to send spams, attack others or store illegal content.

Banking Trojans

Hackers use phishing techniques and keyloggers to get your most valuable passwords and empty your bank- or PayPal-accounts invisibly within seconds

      Protect Your PC....With Shield


iShield FREE Trial

Be secure, be protected, be private, wherever and whenever you surf the net. Mask your public IP address and encrypt connections. Use our partner services by Private Tunnel© to protect your privacy and impede unauthorized access to your devices and network. Special Pricing From Ghosttracks iShield services!!
Our beta) adds specialty privacy services to all Exchange servers. Upgrade your Exchange servers to our You’ll get unlimited VPN services at special prices. You can email us at

Don’t Forget Your Free Trial Of Emsisoft Malware… The Core Of our DataPro Managed Services

Our own iShield protection plan is a fortress in itself. Our implementation of Shield technologies allows our agency to offer industry and award winning products. Whether it be PrivacyShield to PasswordShield… our iShield services are designed to offer security and protection in a world of “dark internet’.

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