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Unified Communications

With all sorts of new communication technologies gaining popularity, Unified communications is the term used to bring all of those different platforms in onto the same playing field creating better efficiency and flow. Our system brings these opportunities to our clients.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses Voice over IP to provide a Cloud based phone system for businesses. Often this service is provided by a network service provider as part of an overall network solution. This type of solution provides a customer with the ultimate in flexibility as access to “seats” are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed.

Dedicated Long Distance

Dedicated LD is a key product for those who need higher quality transmission than Switched Voice Service and typically, it comes at a much more affordable cost for the larger customer with moderate to high calling volume. It is a service that connects your business phone system directly to the carrier of your choice for long distance.

Cloud Security

Cloud Services are not a just a whimsical trending fad that will soon go away. It is a real solution that has many facets enabling businesses everywhere to lower costs, backup their data, and increase efficiency. But with this wonderfully enabling technology comes its need for special attention to security. Our iShield security supports advanced applications.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet, or "Gig-E" for short, is ultra-high capacity IP transit service offered to enterprises around the world by way of a fiber-optic cable that forms the backbone of the communication link between the carrier and the end-user. Let our brokerage service design the package with your local carrier.

Satellite Internet

Satellite broadband can be a great solution for businesses in rural areas with limited options for high speed internet or for redundancy/business continuity to a primary circuit. In regards to diversity, even if all the data circuits into a building are compromised, with a fixed wireless service, a business can still maintain reliable internet access. We are a Channel Partner with ViaSat. Call us today for a specialized broker deal.

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Our Brokerage Services Are Built Around Over 70 Teledata Relationships

Daniel Hinson / CEO/Server Administrator

Daniel brings over forty years of retail management and logistics experience to the team. His last twenty years has involved many areas of server propagation and installation. The Cloud application phenomenon has been his "niche" in the industry.

Penny S Hinson/ CFO/ Server Administrator

Penny designed her first program over thirty five years ago. She specializes in servers for financial applications. She implemented these skills for one of the largest Credit Unions in South Carolina. She oversees our NolaPro application.

Richard J Angel/ VP/Server Logistics

Richard brings over forty years of logistics experience to our team. He implements the telecom geographical footprint for our agency servers accounts. He also oversees our agency reseller program.

Josh Lupresto /Telecom Engineer

Josh is the VP of Engineering at our Master telecom program. His team is responsible for the implementation of all telecom services and contracts through our agency.


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