We offer various data services to our clients

Our Developers Server Service

Build your own servers ... anyway you want ... anytime you desire. All in a matter of minutes!!

Our servers rank at the top of the industry in Uptime. Our agency is involved in the maintenance and implementation of physical and virtual locations.

Who we are

We are telecom data

The brasstarr systems is first and foremost a complete UC Management Platform for our clients. It is designed to help you understand your communications ecosystem, optimize its performance and deliver on the promise of Unified Communications. The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that makeup your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration. Our local agents and our own engineers work with regional and national carriers to build or restructure your teledata requirements. Our systems is designed to quickly identify network issues and provide complete pictures of networks with their strengths and areas of needed improvement.


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What we do

Data made simple

Our agents begin by assembling all relevant information about your data needs. From telecom to hosting and security. Customer, Carrier and other Teams are identified; communication distribution lists are created; and schedules are determined for updates and necessary meetings. Our engineers collaborate with our agents on Gantt charts, spreadsheets and other customized tools that are designed and shared among team members; both to time and coordinate tasks, and to track progress toward milestones and objectives.
Supplier(s) and all team members then translate the sales agreements into installed, functioning services; which meet the customer’s performance expectations, and desired data results.

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