Business Opportunity


We are full service data agency. From server security compilations to digital designs and reputation services... try out the brasstarr systems platform.

Graphic Design

We are a full service digital web design agency. Give us your clients data and specific details and we'll deliver a premium web presence. From hosting to managed services are also available. All under your brand or our DataPro cobranded program.

Web Development

Our Pro Digital services include web hosting, SEO services and reputation services. We offer several options depending on your desired services and budget.


We specialize in offering  responsive design services on the major app platforms. We can also serve your app marketing needs.


We have an advanced SEO application package that is built to deliver your data to a local national or global audience. This service lets our brasstarr systems "stand out" from your competitors in results.

Social Media

Our system is designed for your clients reach all the major social networks. You resell it ...we service the account under your name with specialized customer and technical support.

Quantifiable Results

Whether you choose the Basic, Pro or DataPro license'll get monthly reports on your sales progress. It's a win-win business opportunity for YOU and the brasstarr systems.

" You can start up your own data agency with your own sales and tech team... with the brasstarr systems at your back"


Server compilations ...Security and Encryption... Data storage and Recovery.. Web Digital Design and more...the brasstarr systems!!


Your Basic or Pro reseller license includes a complete sales and technology team on call 24/7 with specialized personal service for your clients.


A complete server compilation team at your fingertips.

Security / Encryption

Offer your clients industry leading applications in data protection.

Digital Design / SEO Services

With our DataPro program you'll offer a complete digital design service to your clients while we do the work!!

Marketing/ Management

Our exclusive promotional marketing program is at your clients call. You'll earn commissions on their purchases through our iCast Media Network.

Choose Your Reseller Plan

Choose between a complete white label Basic plan or our exclusive DataPro Reseller Plan!


Open Your own data management agency today.... with your own support team..the brasstarr systems way!!


1356 Minos Mears Rd
Tabor City
NC 28463


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