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Our WebTools CyberGuard is powered by PCMatic. These  services employ several allowlist layers on top of the same traditional security blacklist
that our competition uses as the first line of defense against malicious code and unauthorized applications. Check It Out!

CyberGuard Managed Services

Web Protection

Blocks your connection to malicious websites while fully respecting your right to privacy.

File Guard Security

 File Guard checks all downloaded and modified files .

Behavior Blocker

 When Behavior Blocker notices anything suspicious, it steps in and raises the alert.

Anti Ransomware

 CyberGuard stops ransomware before it has the chance to encrypt your precious data.

Windows Protection

We are a proud reseller of our CyberGuard  /Emsisoft software. Got Windows or Android? You need our device protection.

Private VPN

Build your own private tunnel for personal and business applications. WebTools VPN provides advanced split tunnel protection.

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